Gulden develops a safe and independent payment currency
that is always accessible for everyone, now and in the future.

Gulden is a collaboration between experienced developers and a supportive community. Together they are working on a user-friendly currency with advanced technology and a focus on security. This makes Gulden accessible for everyone. Send Gulden to each other, transfer it to any IBAN account, pay at Gulden Merchants and receive interest. Gulden functions without an account, all you need is the Gulden app.

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One of the safest blockchains
0.01% of the energy usage of Bitcoin
More than 100 merchants
More than 100,000 users
503 million Gulden in circulation
Direct transfer to IBAN

There is a Gulden app for every popular operating system. The mobile apps can be connected to the desktop app so you can manage your mobile balance on your desktop as well.


Download the app and easily buy Gulden


The value of Gulden is determined by supply and demand and can fluctuate greatly.
Buy only Gulden for yourself. Not for Marktplaats providers or CJIB fines.

By clicking “Pay” you explicitly and unconditionally agree that you and you alone are responsible for the management and safe-keeping of your Gulden; by clicking you also agree to the terms set by Nocks B.V.

Climate friendly innovation

Blockchains like Bitcoin's are dependent on enormous computer power for its security. This costs a lot of energy and has a substantial impact on our environment. The Gulden blockchain doesn't need a lot of energy to be one of the safest blockchains in the world thanks to our Witness technology.

More about the technology

Save up with Gulden

If you have Gulden, then you can add to the security of the blockchain and earn Gulden in the process. You do this by participating in the Witness system available through your own desktop app, but also via a Plug-and-play Raspberry Pi or even in the cloud.

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Our technology

PoW / Witness Hybrid
PoW Miners compete to bundle the latest valid transactions into a new block.
PoW The winner generates a block.
Reward: 50 NLG
Witness The block has to be signed by a Witness.
Reward: 30 NLG
PoW + Witness Extends the blockchain.
150 seconds

The miner needs a Witness to verify the block before it becomes valid. Witnesses can only verify blocks that play according to the rules, so a miner has to share a block immediately to avoid losing money. This prevents miners from misbehaving. A Witness is anonymous and is selected at random.

A Witness is a Gulden user that has locked his or her Gulden (min. 5000 Gulden) for a certain period of time (min. 1 Month) and receives interest from the system itself.

Our development is efficient and future-oriented. All apps share the same Gulden core. New functionalities and improvements will be available on all apps. Every functionality has its own module and can be added per app.

Modular Backend
Full Node


Extendable and efficient transaction format for better network capacity.


Efficient utilization of your bandwidth to get up and running faster.


Share accounts between multiple devices with one master device.


Difficulty algorithm for regular confirmation intervals.

58% more
Secure transaction speed
1200% faster
Initial wallet sync speed
4800% faster
Requirement to double spend 1 confirmation
71% PoW
71% Witness
50% PoW

Gulden core is decentralized and open source. This means that the code is accessible to everyone and can be verified by anyone. Contributions from experienced developers are welcomed. You can write code, solve bugs, discuss code or help us develop Gulden.

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291 commits since 2019-01-19
97 million (19%) Gulden in Witness
Launched in 2014 without ICO

You receive the best support from real users

The Gulden project is a collaboration between an active community and experienced developers. The community helps new users, but also new merchants that want to accept Gulden. On the Gulden Slack anyone can ask questions or meet the people behind Gulden.

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Chat with the community

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Shortly after applying you’ll receive an invitation for Channels are moderated and maintained by the Gulden Community. Click here for more information about Slack.

For merchants

Nocks makes accepting Gulden easy and risk-free with user-friendly apps and clear administration overview. Gulden payments can be instantly converted to EUR, so you don't have any exchange rate risk.

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Advisory Board

Annemieke Eggink
Bart Hulshof
Harm Jan van Kammen
Marc Slagter
Matthias Bentein
Nick Toet
Paul Willen


Rijk Plasman
Founder / UX Designer
Malcolm MacLeod
Lead Developer
Rits Plasman
iOS Developer
Matthias Bentein
UX Designer

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